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Gregor Sklarsky

Gregor Sklarsky, Guitarist

What Become At Guitar Is About

Welcome my friend. I’m Gregor Sklarsky and I’m the founder of BecomeGreatAtGuitar. Learning guitar is not the easiest thing in world and I’m here to help. In short – I want you to

become great at guitar so that you can make and perform the music that you love.

Here's how YOU can become great at guitar

It’s simple: Don’t look for short cuts. There are no short cuts. You need the basics. You need music theory. You need to put in the work. Hundreds and thousands of practice hours. Even if your goal is to learn just a few chords or just to learn simple soloing, you still need to put in the hours and have a steady practice routine. There is no magic to this. But Patience and a healthy attitude towards this truth is essential.

I help and guide you along this journey. I teach you the basics, the music theory and discuss a what habits and mindsets are helpful in becoming great at guitar. Because it’s so easy to get lost…Trust me I’ve been lost so often. I know the pitfalls and I will guide you around them.

About Gregor Sklarsky

Become Great At Guitar was founded by me, Gregor Sklarsky, a guitarist/ guitar teacher living in germany.

I’ve started playing  classical guitar at the age of 12. And I was terrible at it. My guitar teacher thought within the first two years teaching me that I had some sort of learning disorder. I was the kid who was completely ungifted and amusical. I wasn’t able to repeat a short & simple rhythm. But can you guess what the my turning point was?

I began to practice. Regularly. 

I started to make real progress and it became my passion. I performed as a classical guitarist in ensembles, orchestras, played solo gigs, participated in quite a few guitar competitions, learned electric guitar, played in many different bands, did some club gigs, and got a degree in music somewhere in between.